GreenMet takes a holistic approach to business. Whether it’s creating change in our nation’s capital, supporting new technologies to de-risk mining projects, or identifying investment opportunities to expand the industry, our experts work seamlessly together to accelerate solutions for this high-demand industry. 

Mineral Security

GreenMet Solutions

  • Policy thought leadership: We collaborate with policymakers, administration officials, and industry stakeholders to mold a favorable future for the expansion of the domestic critical minerals industry by breaking down barriers to innovation.

  • Technical & business strategy: GreenMet Advisory experts take a 360-degree view of client challenges to provide a navigable path toward success for companies of all sizes and projects in all stages.

  • Public funding support: With an intimate understanding of Washington and both its fiscal fights and opportunities, GreenMet Advisory identifies and pursues funding on behalf of clients to bring critical minerals projects to life.
  • Critical mineral project funding: We bridge the gap between industry and investors by leveraging our technical and investment expertise to identify high quality projects and provide value for all stakeholders.

  • Customized investment solutions: GreenMet Capital draws on its multi-faceted in-house expertise, including collaborating with Innovation and Advisory, to help our partners in industry de-risk their projects and achieve their growth goals.

  • Providing customized investment solutions: Our experts provide flexible capital across the spectrum of project development stages to help meet the unique demands of our industry and our investors.
  • Emerging technology incubation: We bring the critical minerals industry into the 21st century by fostering advancements in new technologies and supporting client projects from conception to completion.

  • Supply chain alignments: GreenMet Innovation facilitates partnerships across the entire critical minerals supply chain, connecting producers, processors, manufacturers, and more to optimize flow.
  • Innovative solution validation: We use our cross-industry expertise to provide strategic recommendations for clients that can be applied across the critical mineral industry to improve the efficiency, environmental impact, and economics of a U.S. supply chain.