• The new American conduit between private capital and critical mineral innovation

Our Mission

GreenMet is on a mission to empower and expand the American critical minerals industry.

At the intersection of business and public policy, we advance private sector investments and sound legislative and regulatory action to develop a resilient domestic supply chain. Our team of experts navigates both the capital and policy landscape to cut red tape, decrease reliance on imports, and unleash the power of domestic sourcing. With a deep understanding of the policy, scientific, and financial potential of the industry, GreenMet is charting the course for a reliable, secure, and independent critical mineral supply in the United States, because mineral security is national security.

What We Do

GreenMet Advisory

We take a 360-degree view of client challenges to engage with policymakers, administration officials, industry stakeholders and business leaders to provide a navigable path toward success. 

GreenMet Capital

We identify and pair high quality critical minerals projects with flexible capital solutions to help companies unlock value and deliver results for all stakeholders.  

GreenMet Innovation

We help clients stay ahead of the technological curve by incubating, accelerating and scaling client projects to de-risk mining projects in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way possible. 

In The News

A Strong, Secure and Unshakable Supply Chain 


Extracting mineral containing material (ore) from the earth, or occasionally other sources such as tailings or waste piles.


Processing mined ore to separate the valuable minerals from the waste, often resulting in the production of a “concentrate.”


Removing impurities from concentrates after processing and rendering the contained minerals into a relatively pure state for commercial application.


Purifying metals, including in the “processing” or “refining” stage, and forming alloys.


Fabricating the metals and alloys into components or finished goods.


Electric Vehicles

Smart Phones


Medical Technology

Fighter Jets



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