US Supply Chain Independence Facing Barriers From Foreign Competitors 


GreenMet CEO Drew Horn recently spoke with Fox News Digital about the company’s efforts to develop critical mineral supply chains in the U.S. in response to the significant barriers we face from foreign competitors.

The interview trails recent focus by the U.S. Congress on China’s growing monopoly within the energy and technology supply chain.

GreenMet applauds Congressional action in bringing increased awareness to the continued attempts by China to benefit from our tax code and legislation created to protect American workers, America’s economy and America’s independence from foreign influence.

Despite current Chinese dominance in the global marketplace, GreenMet is at the forefront of building sustainable, reliable, and secure critical mineral supply chains by promoting domestic mineral resource development.

“We are fully committed to challenge current Chinese direct and indirect control of the global market,” Horn said. “The Chinese are acutely aware of US efforts to compete with them and actively exploit any avenue they can to their advantage including the US tax code. It is our responsibility as a nation to preserve our defense and energy readiness.”