GreenMet Chief Geologist Dr. Ned Mamula lends expertise to Texas A&M panel

Washington, DC – GreenMet’s Chief Geologist Dr. Ned Mamula is lending his critical mineral expertise to the Rare Earth Summit convened by Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station today in Fort Worth, TX.

“I am thrilled that Texas A&M recognizes the national and international expertise that Ned brings to any discussion on securing the supply chain of rare earth elements (REEs),” said GreenMet President and CEO, Drew Horn. “Ned literally wrote the book on critical materials titled Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest For Mineral Independence.”

The Texas A&M summit will provide an opportunity for robust discussion and recommendations regarding technologies for recovery, recycling, and reuse of REEs and illuminate the environmental and economic aspects. Legitimate technology strategies and public policies for reducing supply chain risks will be identified as potential lanes for future REE roadmaps.

Dr. Mamula will be contributing his extensive knowledge to a panel called “Public Policies for REES” addressing policies such as commercial (land access, tax and environment), trade (import/exports), technology (R&D, PPP, innovation incentivization), environment (extraction and permitting) and the Defense Production Act.

“Ned’s observations and involvement with cutting edge resource site evaluation and validation are essential to anyone interested in this growing field of study,” Horn continued. “I am grateful to Ned for his judicious calculations in support of both strategic investment opportunities and technical positioning for GreenMet’s long-term operational goals. I’m happy to share him with his colleagues for thoughtful discussion about our common goal of mineral supply chain independence in North America.”

See the summit agenda here.


GreenMet ( is focused on developing the infrastructure for sustainable, reliable, and secure critical mineral supply chains to meet North American energy and technology needs. Based in Washington, D.C., GreenMet’s mission is to elevate the importance of responsible critical mineral mining, mineral processing, and metallurgy.

The company works to promote domestic mineral resource development as integral to U.S. trade and defense, energy, and fiscal policy. According to Executive Order 13817, “Critical Minerals” are defined as a non-fuel mineral or mineral material essential to the economic and national security of the United States, the supply chain of which is vulnerable to disruption, and that serves an essential function in the manufacturing of a product, the absence of which would have significant consequences for our economy or our national security.

GreenMet is a member of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) ( As part of REIA, we play an active role in the conversation on rare earth mineral supply chains. We provide a key North American perspective on market finance and energy policy to REIA.