Richard Blaksley


Chief Risk and Compliance Officer | Libra Group

Richard Blaksley is Chief Risk and Compliance Officer of Libra Group. Having been an advisor to Libra Group on multiple transactions since 2006, Richard joined the Group on a full-time basis in 2023 and is responsible for all aspects of risk preparedness and management across the business.

Following on from roles in the British military and defense sector, Richard had a 25 year career in the fields of business intelligence and investigation, firstly with Kroll where he led the EMEA and Asian regions and subsequently as Managing Partner of GPW, formerly a specialist investigative consultancy. Over the course of his work, Richard has led in the successful investigation of numerous high-profile frauds in both the private and public sectors and is an acknowledged expert in the field. He has also specialized in wider risk management within the commercial sector and is a strong believer in the concept that risk – if recognized, understood, managed and embraced – is a necessary component of success.

Richard also advised various international companies on the establishment of risk management and formal compliance functions and has acted as both an interim and full time Chief Compliance Officer for a major listed oil and gas company active across West Africa. He specialized in the understanding of anti-corruption procedures and legislation, specifically FCPA and UK Bribery Act preparedness. He also serves as a Non-Executive Director of CRUX Asset Management, an authorized fund manager in the UK, as well as a Senior Advisor to S-RM, a leading global investigation consultancy.