Rafael Alfonzo

Manager, Government Affairs

Rafael Alfonzo is a former diplomat and a seasoned professional in the government and public affairs sector, distinguished for his extensive career that bridges the realms of international diplomacy and public policy, with a profound specialization in the renewable energy, critical minerals and international relations sectors.

Alfonzo has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing policy outcomes and forging strategic partnerships throughout his career. He played a crucial role in GALTCO, a pioneering $3.3 billion investment project in Colombia, further establishing his deep expertise in managing government relations and navigating complex regulatory environments across the Americas.

Alfonzo’s diplomatic skills were honed as a political attaché at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, where he designed political strategies that fostered enhanced engagements and fortified relationships with key stakeholders. This role, coupled with his advisory position in the National Assembly of Venezuela, endowed him with a profound understanding of government operations and international policymaking. His extensive experience in the Americas has equipped him with unparalleled insights into the geopolitical and economic dynamics of the region.

Alfonzo holds a master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and a bachelor’s degree in international business from Universidad del Caribe.